Snow Day!

This week our theme was snow so we made snow globes and snowman ornaments for the Christmas tree. The snow globes were just made out of mason jars we had kicking around the office. I glued a present decoration to the lid with a glue gun and then the kids added glitter, lots and lots of glitter in some cases, and water. If I did it again, I would use a different ornament because they were hard to see but it was all I could find in town. The kids still enjoyed shaking them and watching the glitter fall.
The ornaments were made out of clear Christmas balls we also had kicking around the office. We just added white, shredded up tissue paper to the inside and then added a snowman face with a sharpie and some paint. So cute!
If you are looking for a cute snow book, “Dream Snow” by Eric Carle is a good one. The children really enjoyed it.









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