Get Involved

Getting involved in any organization is a personal choice many of us make for a variety of reasons.  You exchange your time, talents or finances to strengthen our community.  In return you make a real difference to real people experiencing real challenges.  Cornerstone Family and Youth Centre has a number of ways you can get involved and help us impact our community by strengthening families, children, and youth.


  • Volunteers are a valuable resource for our participants and staff at Cornerstone Family and Youth Centre.  By volunteering, you help your Family Community, strengthen our workplace and promote community development.  CFY Centre recognizes that volunteers are crucial for accomplishing our mission and are a part of the team.  Volunteers contribute their unique talents, skills and knowledge to enable Cornerstone Family and Youth Centre to offer quality programs to our families, children, and youth.  As a volunteer you are valuable and we support and encourage you to develop your skills in supporting families in Southeastern Saskatche. Volunteering is rewarding.  You meet people from all walks of life, learn about yourself, develop skills which make you competitive in your work life and have fun!  To find out more about our volunteer services contact us


  • “Sharing Is Caring” – what an important words we all learn early in our childhood. Philanthropy is just a grown-up word for the concept of sharing. To make our community better, to leave a positive impact, we need to know how to share effectively. And now, you too can have a chance to share by donating and making a big difference in your community with a little or a lot. Cornerstone Family and Youth as a charitable organization appreciates all donations and relies on local fundraising to strengthen every family, child and youth that comes through our doors. Together we can continue our mission and provide educational and recreational opportunities with little or no barriers. To find out how you can give financially contact us @

Cornerstone Family and Youth Centre (known also as CFY Centre) is a community-based, not for profit charitable organization.  CFY was incorporated in Carlyle, SK, in December 2002, and registered as a charity with Canada Revenue Agency in January 2003. Our charitable registration number is 895503506 RR 0001.

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