Cornerstone Summer Program Pictures

Pictures of some children participating in our summer programs.  Remember to check back, as new pictures will be posted.

DSCF0757 DSCF0758

DSCF0795 DSCF0796 DSCF0797DSCF0799 DSCF0800 DSCF0801DSCF0803

 DSCF0751 DSCF0750 DSCF0748   DSCF0745 DSCF0746 DSCF0752

DSCF0755 DSCF0754 

DSCF0731 DSCF0727 DSCF0726

DSCF0738 DSCF0736 DSCF0735 

DSCF0737 DSCF0728 DSCF0725 

DSCF0733 DSCF0732 DSCF0734 

DSCF0723 DSCF0722

DSCF0721DSCF0718DSCF0719DSCF0720 DSCF0710 DSCF0708 DSCF0706

DSCF0705 DSCF0702 

DSCF0711 DSCF0713DSCF0712DSCF0717DSCF0715 DSCF0716 DSCF0714 

DSCF0701 DSCF0700 DSCF0695  DSCF0692  DSCF0696 DSCF0697

craftsjuly220920 craftsjuly220915

craftsjuly220912 craftsjuly220913 craftsjuly220916 

  july31 july32 

july37 july36

july14 july13 july12 july11 july10 july9 july8 july7

DSCF0664 DSCF0662 DSCF0660 DSCF0661 DSCF0659

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