Cornerstone Crafts: Treasure/Jewelry Box


Popsicle stick treasure box or jewelry box that stands up well over time.  This project can be done as a gift for others (i.e. Mothers Day), or as a box for your own child to play with.

You will need:


  • 70 popsicle sticks
  • bottle white glue
  • decorative stone, shell, or rock (handle)


Construct the base.  Place two popsicle sticks horizontally on your work surface.  Line up popsicle sticks side by side in a vertical direction.  Spread glue the length of both horizontal popsicle sticks and place the other vertical sticks onto the glued surfaces.


Place a dot of white glue on the four corners of the base.  Place popsicle sticks connecting the corners vertically and then horizontally.  Place new dots of white glue on the corners before placing the next layer of popsicle stick walls.  Continue this process to make the box as deep or shallow as you like.

craftsjuly22093 craftsjuly22099

Construct the top.  This is done by repeating the same steps that created the bottom of the box.  Glue an item (rock, shell, or decoration) onto the top of the lid to act as a handle.

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