40 Developmental Assets Workshop a Huge Success!

On Monday May 11th, 2009 the Cornerstone Family and Youth facilitated a 40 Developmental Assets workshop for the community.  Karyn Fleck-Zepick, Sun Country Health Region’s Population Health Promotion Coordinator, was there to give the presentation.

“The 40 Developmental Assets Program was developed to identify the building blocks of healthy development that help young people group up healthy, caring and responsible.  [The program] has found that these assets are powerful influences on adolescent behaviour – both protecting young people from many different problem behaviours and promoting positive attitudes and behaviors.” Source: Search Institute, 40 Developmental Assets

Over 30 community members from Carlyle and the surrounding area attended the event.   It is the hope of Cornerstone Family and Youth that all who attended will spread the word about the Assets program and help to build a better community for our young people.

And what if you weren’t able to make it to the presentation but want to know how to asset build in your home and community?  Here are some suggestions:

  • Learn the names of all the children and teenagers who live near you or who work in shops or community centres you frequent.  Greet them by name.
  • Build at least one, caring relationship with a child or adolescent either informall or through a mentoring program.
  • Plan a block party or neighbourhood picnic.
  • Take time to play or talk with young people who live near you or work with you.
  • Look at the list of 40 Developmental Assets at least once a week and commit to at least one act of asset building every day.  For the list click here.
  • Support initiatives designed to expand opportunities for young people to participate in teams, clubs and organizations.
  • Expect young people to behave responsibly.  When they do not, tell them what you expect and how you would like them to act.
  • Never allow the quality of schools or youth programs to suffer because of a lack of financial resources or volunteers.
  • Thank people who work with children and youth (teachers, youth group leaders, social service providers, clergy and so on.
  • Eat at least one meal together as a family every day.
  • Nurture your own assets by spending time with supportive people, using your time constructively and reflecting on your own values.
  • Become active in your child’s education through school activities, monitoring homework and having conversations about school and learning.
  • Model the assets and talk about the values and priorities you wish to pass on to your children

Cornerstone Family and Youth thanks Karyn Fleck-Zepick for her wonderful presentation!  We hope to have you back with us very soon!

If you are interested in accessing the 40 Developmental Assets Resources used in the presentation please contact Jennifer Sedor 453-2666 for a free copy.


For information on Search Institute’s programs please click here.

For a complete list of the 40 Developmental Assets click here.

For information on throwing a community picnic  Neighborhood Picnic Kit.

2 thoughts on “40 Developmental Assets Workshop a Huge Success!

  1. Cindy Smyth says:

    I have heard many positive things about this workshop and am sorry that I did not attend. Am wondering if there may be plans in the future for another one?

    • cfycoordinator says:

      Absolutely! We are considering running another workshop in the Fall or Winter if there is enough interest!

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