Early Spring for March

We had an amazing month in March. Full of nice weather and hyper happy children. We had a busy month with all the activities we had planned with the kids of CFY. We celebrated Dr. Suess with a party! We did a hand painting with the moms and kids! Something super cute and keepsakebale. We played “Pin the Green Eggs on the Ham” and read the Dr. Suess Book “The Cat In The Hat”.

                                       We Quickly got into the St. Patty’s week Mood and went all out! Lots of wonderful Decorations were donated by the programs very own moms. It was all decked out with green shamrocks. We got the kids together for a chance to all help decorate an empty space on the wall that was in Need of color and what a better way then to involve the moms and Tots. We got all the kids to cut hand prints of every color in the rainbow! It was a team effort and turned out super cute.

Wall Decor made by the very own "CFY Toddlers & Moms"

The kids Enjoyed the rice bucket sooooo much I decided to give it another go with a Green theme for St. Pattys week. Filled it with Green toys the kids had laying around. Threw in some foam Shamrocks and confetti and some digging and pouring tools! I highly suggest to try them ! Kids love them. Summer is approaching so if you worry about the mess(and I will be honest its a huge one!) Do it outside on a patio or in the grass!

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