Happy Valentines Day

We let our kids do the typlical hand out invites to there CFY playroom friends. We let them start off with decorating there own Valentines bags to take them home and keepsake them. They went crazy decorating their bags with paint and stickers and hearts and added a picture of themselves to help the younger children indentify their friends bags, with out having to read names. I found this to be a great idea for a young group kids. Lets them be more independent and show them they are cabable people just like us to do things themselves without us always having to hover.

Now whats a Valentines Party without party food?!? The moms really out did themselves and its always an excitement for me to see the ideas they come up with for snack!

Can not wait to share our Polar Bear theme with you which is happening on the last week of Feb come and check it out!

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