Meet our Summer Student

My name is Heather Shepherd, I am from White Bear First Nations and for those that don’t know me I graduated from the Carlyle High school in 2005. Since then I have been working and going to university. I was in Saskatoon enrolled in Arts & Sciences because at that point I was all over the board; not quite sure about what I wanted to do. I ended up in Vancouver almost 2 years ago now and will be returning this fall going into my second year of Criminology.

Home is where the heart is but sadly that’s nowhere near a Starbuck’s; But the best part is I get to see familiar faces and work with CFY!

Every Monday and Friday I will be at the Carlyle Elementary school hosting a ton of fun games and crafts, Tuesday and Thursdays I will be splashing around at the Carlyle Swimming pool, Wednesday I will be assisting the wonderful staff at the museum for some more fun programming.

See you around!


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