Nov 21 – No School Fun Day!


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On Friday Nov 21 we celebrated National Children’s Day with a No School Fun Day.  In the morning we had grades k-2 play active games, build tape roads and make play dough.  In the afternoon grades 3-6 played active games with the parachute, played kick ball and soccer, made healthy snacks and built wire hanger wreathes.  It was a great day with more than 40 students participating!

R-tworx: Lizards




Pastel lizards inspired by Deep Space Sparkle.  This lesson was more complex than some of my students were used to.  (If you haven’t signed up for the Deep Space Sparkle Teaching Art 101, Please do!)  We started by drawing the shape of our lizard using familiar prompts like: Draw a backwards ‘C’ to make your lizards face.  My younger students found drawing the legs the hardest part and I would recommend taking extra time to help them with the concept of not drawing stick legs.

All of my students had trouble NOT adding detail to this picture as they loved drawing spots and stripes on the lizard.  The trick is trying to get them to colour their lizard in first before adding the details.  We used chalk pastel to colour our lizards which allowed for great mixing and blending of colours.

I changed the lesson somewhat as our instructions called for black pastel to be used for the outline.  I couldn’t find a pack of solid black oil pastels so we used Sharpie markers instead.  This made nice clean lines, however, before you can add detail or redo the outline you need to spray the artwork with the workable fixative or your sharpie will get gunked up with chalk. I had both a professional fixative and tried a cheap hairspray and there was no comparison.  The hairspray caused the chalk to clump and the paper to curl.

We used:

  • Coloured Construction Paper 8×10 or larger.  (The lesson called for black)
  • Black Sharpie Markers ( The lesson Called for black pastel)
  • Chalk Pastels
  • Workable fixative

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R-tworx: Colour Study with Marylin Carter



Local artist Marylin Carter came to R-tworx last week to teach the kids how to blend water colours.  It was a fantastic class!  We started with basic water colour paper and drew three overlapping circles.  Then we used our red, yellow and blue watercolours in each circle.  Twirling the paper and using extra water let the colours begin to mix.  The kids thought this was magic!  When they were satisfied with their colours they learned how salt could add texture to the watercolours.

Thank you Marylin Carter for coming to teach us all about watercolour painting!

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R-tworx: Day of the Dead


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This past week was Halloween and Day of the Dead.  So at R-tworx we explored Sugar Skulls made out of black paper and pastels.  At first I had the kids draw some designs on a template before moving to the black paper.  It was a great exercise in learning about the shape of the human skull… though a few kids were a little grossed out by the idea that there are no nose bones in the skull.  :)

This activity was inspired by:

Deep Space Sparkle’s Katrina Paintings 



It’s hard to believe Halloween is just around the corner. This week we made our Halloween crafts. We made “spooky” ghosts and did some potato stamping in the shape of Jack-o-lanterns. For snack we had what the kids called “Halloween oranges”.
Next week will be our Halloween party so remember to come in your best costumes.








R-tworx: Koi Fish



Last week the kids enjoyed learning how to make a basic tear drop shape and turn it into a fish.  The fish were drawn in pastel / crayon and then the background filled in with watercolor paints.  It was a blast.

For a full tutorial please click here.

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