The CES Children’s Mural 2013


The 2013 CES Children’s Mural is up!  This painting is a “KIDLABORATION!” of many different sketches from children in grades k-4.  (Huge bummer, I don’t have the original artwork anymore!!)  This project was made up of seven pieces of plywood, two cans of primer, 15 quarts of exterior latex and a lot of hard work.   The background was achieved by taping off sections of the wood with masking tape and painting the different colours of blue to make an interesting sky arrangement.  After a few coats and 24 hours of drying time the tape was removed to reveal a stained glass effect.

The children’s art was transferred onto the mural via a projector.  We started in pencil and then realized that paint marker was the way to go for the kids to be able to see the lines when painting.  It ended up being a huge colouring page!!!  We stuck to using very bold rainbow colours for this project and I think it turned out marvelous!  The kids filled in much of the piece and a group of summer students and facilitators cleaned up the details and drips afterwards and re-outlined piece.  Three coats of polyurethane were used to seal this piece from the elements.

In front of the mural are three new garden beds that, unfortunately, only yielded about 10 tomatoes this year….. we had a very late planting coupled with some mischief (ie: someone pulled up our first crop of plants!).  So we will have to hope for better luck next year!  🙂

So what do you think?

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