Girls Circle: Round-up

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The last six weeks have flown by!  The girls have come a long way together since we started.  It has been great to get to know each one and watch them open up and enjoy the program.  Next week will be our last meeting of 2014.  We will be celebrating our time together creating small gifts for each other.


Girls Circle Round-Up

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Our 2013 Girls Circle session ended just before Christmas.  I was so pleased to be able to work with such a creative and caring group of young women.  Through the fall we had been working through our “Being a Girl” work book and had spent time discussing friends, bullies and ways to help empower ourselves.

One of the things I will cherish about this group is how readily they were willing to support each other outside of the Girls Circle program.  They would share stories of how they helped each other resolve fights, avoid becoming victim to mean girls and deflect bullies by just being confident.  It was an incredible season.

I am looking forward to 2014 where I will explore the “Relationships with Peers” work book with the new group of young ladies starting in March.  For now I have found this wonderful video from Dove on the idea of beauty.  Please check it out!

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The Girls Circle Program and RBC


CFY and funding partners RBC offered two sessions of Girl’s Circle Club this school year.  (Pictured above are some of the activities the girls took part in: Affirmation Art, Gratitude Bouquets, Journals and The Girls Book at How to Be The Best At Everything!)

At Girls Circle girls ages 10-16 are invited to share feelings, create friendships and explore topics that they might otherwise not talk about openly to teachers or parents.  It is a circle of trust and helps build self-esteem, coping and problem solving skills in young girls.  The sessions are two hours weekly for 6-10 weeks.

CFY Would like to thank RBC for making these sessions possible.  It is great to know that programs like these can continue because of your great support.  All of the girls had a great time!


Jenn Sedor