Garden Club: Completion of the Pumpkin Patch

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Last year Eco Friendly Sask helped us fund our Garden Beds project.  We were able to complete three of the beds but our pumpkin patch needed to wait until landscaping could be done to the area.


Fast forward to June 2014, and the help of Carson’s Energy Services skid steer, we’ve finally finished and planted our garden.

We are attempting a Three Sisters patch with sunflowers in the center, pole beans to grow up the sunflowers and pumpkins all around the outer bed.  We shall see, we shall see!!


Garden Art

Our garden is beginning to take shape.  In the last month we started our seedlings, did our Spring Clean Up, chose our bedding plants, made clay pot wind chimes and have now hung the fairy houses.  (I couldn’t find enough large bird houses for everyone… so the children are quite excited to have fairies instead.)  Please enjoy these progress photographs.  Next week we plant our rainbows!

The Small Lot of h.o.p.e

This Monday the CES school garden aka The Small Lot of H.O.P.E. Was well tended by our team of gardeners from the CFY Summer Club.
It was amazing to see this great group of kids run to the garden tools and start weeding and watering without being asked!
They enjoyed it so much that when we were done they wanted to take an impromptu trip to the greenhouse to see where their plants had started. Thanks to mrs. Thomas for letting us visit!