20130226-133817.jpgThe last few weeks have seen many new creations at the Carlyle Public Library!  Our R-tworx program has been taking over Thursday afternoons with our school aged kids.  Please take a look at our artwork.

If you would like to join in on our art programs please contact Jenn Sedor @ cornerstoneprograms(at)sasktel.net to register for your childs age group.







Art Break

Sometimes we get carried away with the structure of craft projects for our kids. Every now and then it is ok to let little hands explore their creativity, without the boundries of pre-planned crafts.

This clever little peice of work was created using tempra paint and roller brushes. (which can both be found at any dollar store) This artist decided only to use one color, but could you imagine what two, or ever three colors would have made?
Grab some paint and go find out!