Afterschool Art: The Starry Night

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This week at Afterschool Art Class students learned about Vincent Van Gogh and his painting: The Starry Night.   We started again with a short artist bio before going into the lesson.  For this project we used:

  • Short Artist Bio
  • Examples of the Painting: A Starry Night
  • An outline of the painting: A Starry Night
  • Black paper
  • Chalk or Oil Pastels

I asked the students to use the outline that I had drawn as a starting point for their pictures.  Using black pastel students copied my example onto their own page.  They were then shown how to make many small lines (or dashes) in layers of different colours.  This was difficult for the students as most wanted to colour their pictures like they would a colouring book.   Try to encourage them to use short lines and blend those colours!  My only rule was that all of the paper had to be filled in with colour before they could call their works finished.

See you next week for Henri Matisse!

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