Afterschool Art Class: Picasso!

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The Afterschool Art Class recently explored the works of Pablo Picasso.  It was a super fun lesson!  We used:

  • A short biography of Pablo Picasso
  • Some examples of his portraits
  • Small mirrors
  • A chart of facial expressions
  • Student weight paper
  • Water colour paints
  • Black permanent markers

We talked briefly about Picasso and some of his paintings and then I asked the children to complete their emotion charts by looking at their facial expressions in the small mirrors.   When they had completed their charts I asked them to pick two different facial expressions to use in their portraits (Happy/Sad).  Each was then asked to draw a practice portrait with two different emotions on either side of the face.

Once finished their practice portraits they were given the water-colour paper to begin their final piece.  The pieces were painted using puck watercolour paints.  Each student was instructed t use a variety of colours.   When the art was dry students finished with an outline of their work.

Great work everyone!   Next lesson:  The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh

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