Afterschool Art Class: Georgia O’Keefe

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During the month of March the Afterschool Art Class will be studying famous artists in history.  Our first study was Georgia O’keefe florals.  O’keefe had a unique approach to painting flowers: She got very, very close.  In my experience with young artists having them use all of their space is very, very difficult.  Most children will draw their flower in a small corner of the page.

Before putting our flowers on canvas the children had to practice getting very close to the real flowers.  As expected most of the kids drew their practice flowers very small.  My approach was to keep pushing them to touch all four corners of the page with their flower.  When their practice flowers got large enough we switched to pressed tempra-paint on canvas for the small kids and watercolours for the older students.

Our next art class will study the work of Pablo Picasso!

Art Class meets every Thursday from 3:30-4:30 at the Carlyle Public Library.  Classes are drop-in and free but a form must be signed by a parent on first visit.

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