Creating Grass Heads – April After School Program

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Making grass heads was a super fun activity to kick off our Spring Gardening season even though the weather was still cold and snowy.  Groups were divided by grade and met on Mondays in April to create their own grass head and get in some much needed playtime.

How to make a Grass Head:

  • Stockings (feet) or Sockettes
  • Cup, Saucer or Small Pot
  • Grass Seed or other seed
  • Glue Gun
  • Permanent Markers
  • Googly Eyes
  • Elastic Band (For nose)
  • Any other decorations

1. Decorate you pot or saucer as desired.

2. Wet the inside of the Sockette and add a hand full of seed.

3. Spoon in soil until you are satisfied with size.  Tie like you would a balloon.

4. With the tied end sitting in the pot, begin to decorate.  Add eyes, twist a nose and tie with an elastic band, add earrings or jewelry.  Whatever you like!

5. Fill the cup, pot or saucer with water and let it soak up the Grass Head.  (Watering from above is really messy).

6. Hair should grow between 7-14 days.

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