Family Literacy Day

On January 28th CFY and the Carlyle Public Library celebrated Family Literacy day (a day late) This years’ theme was 15 minutes of fun.  You can check out lots of ideas on the official site: here.

Our morning was reserved for the little guys and gals who played bowling, bean bag toss, treasure hunt, created bookmarks and all went home with a story book.

Our afternoon was a little more…challenging…. with the older kids playing “Minute to Win it”!  What silly challenges we attempted.  (I think everyone’s favourite was the face the cookie challenge… You place a cookie on your forehead and can only use your face muscles to get it to your mouth.  We all failed, but all ate our cookies anyway!)

Check out some more Win it to Minute Games here.  (Great for Family Game Night!!!)


Jenn Sedor, School Age and Youth Coordinator

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