Make it Simple

I recently just discovered since my oldest started school full time and I have more one on one with my youngest that she lacks in her alphabet skills. I figured she knew it and wow was I so very wrong. Having her big sister along side her belting the lyrics and letters never once made me even think that one of my children had no clue what she was even signing. I am now on a mission to get her to know it and possibly learn to spell her so little name before her fifth birthday.

I spent hours and hours writing it saying every letter a million times and she just did not get it, I thought but again I was wrong she just had no time for the silly boring stuff there was coloring and exploring and distorying to be done, she was much to busy. Then I decided to make it simple start with the basics. What are things she loves? She loves to get crafty

My mission one is to get her to recognize some basic letters. While doing my Mom and tots craft time I decide to make this happen making letter crafts that represent something that she is interested in and can hang for her to see and recognize everyday.

This week we did the letter “B” so what better to make it then a Bee! There was Also ideas on the web like making the “B” into a beaver which was also cute. A month ago we did the letter “A” into a alligator which seemed to be a hit. With the resources of google and Pinterest right in our hands our creative learning ideas are endless. Just remember when you do come up with your own wow idea Pinterest it for the rest of the world to use. My view is everyone learns different so you need to get creative when it comes to your children.


One thought on “Make it Simple

  1. Christine Brown says:

    Hey, i love these letter crafts, are we gonna be doing the whole alphabet? or should i get creative at home with the rest of the letters?

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