bubbly bubbly bubbly ~ Ocean ~

Ocean, ocean
big and blue
ocean, ocean
how do you do?
ocean, ocean
what do you see?
ocean, ocean
Your looking at me! 
We brought the ocean to our little playroom!
With an ocean scene painted on our window. We added a touch  to the room making our own little octopuses.
A simple craft to do with your child!  Paint a Styrofoam cup with a blue/purple paint. Let it dry. Glue pieces of streamer into the open end of the cup. Cut a little hole into the bottom of the cup so you can knot a string through. Glue googly eyes on, or color your won! Hang to decorate the room!

Our fun and creative moms made healthy snacks to go along with our theme! Goldfish crackers & “shark” celery. Or little crabs made from ritz crackers & cheese wiz or WOW butter (peanut butter replacement)  and choi mein noodles for the little legs and raisins for the eyes.

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