Aloha and Welcome to Beach Week

We are all getting excited as the weather is getting warmer &  summer is just around the corner.

So let’s go to the beach! Let’s go to the beach! We will have a lot of fun out under the sun so let’s all go to the beach!

The moms provided a sweet treat:

Beach in a Bucket Dessert

Vanilla pudding
Vanilla Wafers


Clear plastic drinking cups

Plastic Ziplock bag
Rolling Pin
Mini Umbrellas (or toothpicks and construction paper to make yourself)

Directions:1. Prepare vanilla pudding according to directions and divide among the cups filling halfway. Place in refrigerator to set.
2. While pudding is setting, place Vanilla Wafers in ziplock bag. Use rolling pin to crush into a “sand-like” consistency.
3. When pudding is set, remove from refrigerator and add a layer of “sand” on top of pudding.
4. Place an umbrella and a grape (or “beach ball”) in each cup to create a cute and delicious summer scene.
5. Enjoy!

Along with some juicy watermelon

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