Dinosaur Dig!

This week was SO much fun.  I had fun and I know all of the children did to because there is nothing more fun than DINOS!

This week we read the book Dinosaur Dig by Penny Dale.  It’s the perfect book for small children because it incorporates counting, actions, dinosaurs and big machines – oh yes, which all make very, very loud noises.  So our young audience was definately enchanted by this book.

We followed our book with  a great little song:

I Wish I Were a Great Big Dinosaur (To the tune of the Oscar Myer Weiner Song)

Oh I wish I were a great big dinosaur, That is was I truly want to be,For if I were a great big Dinosaur, Everyone would run away from me!  (AAAHHHH)  You can also add: Stomp away, crawl away, slither away)

All the kids had fun screaming – but not as much fun as this weeks craft which was, who would have guessed, a Dino Dig!

This was a super easy craft that needed:

  • small tinfoil containers – we used mini loaf pans, but foil tart shells would have been great too –
  • Plaster of Paris – be careful as it sets super fast and gets hot while doing so – Adults only!
  • Small plastic dinos – the size is really up to you.
  • A pick – we used the blunt end of a paintbrush, but a butter knife would work too.


  1. Put the plastic dino or other item you want to “dig up” in the foil tray
  2. Mix your plaster and pour immeadiately
  3. Cover as much of your dino as you wish.  We let bits stick out so our kids knew where to dig.
  4. Let dry.  If you mix the plaster properly it will dry straight away, but if it is too thin it could take a few hours.  Very watery plaster will have to be repoured because it just won’t set!
  5. Let your kids dig! My daughter saw these on my counter before the program today and was so excited, she wanted to dig all of them up!

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