We had a guest this past week at the playroom!

On Wednesday morning we welcomed, Dietician, Laura Thompson.

Laura read the colorful story “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” to the group of children.

There are a wide variety of activities that a  family could do with this fun story. This past week we did two activities. The first one being:  Making our own hungry caterpillar puppet.

It’s a simple little craft that a variety of young ages would enjoy! Using some fun foam cut out the shape of your caterpillar.

Punch five holes on the bottom, and one hole on the top of the head.Cut pieces of pipe cleaner and let the child string the pieces through the holes. Some children may like to twist the legs, and antenatal or some may want you to help them.

For the finishing touches glue an eye on, as well as two popcycle sticks.

Next activity we chose to do was to make our own fruit salad. Following the recipe in The Very Hungry Caterpillar book!

One apple, Two pears, Three plums, Four strawberries, and Five oranges

To the left: Laura is helping the children mix all the fruit together for our yummy salad

To the Right: Tayo is enjoying his yummy salad along with some yogurt.

A helpful nutritional hint: try mixing half plain unsweetened yogurt along with half vanilla flavored yogurt……still a yummy treat with less sugar!

A reminder this week we have another guest coming our way! Tuesday, March 22 1PM – 3PM and Wednesday, March 23 9:30AM – 11:30 AM,  Anita, from the public health office will be joining us to take your child’s measurements and answer any questions you may have! Hope to see you there!!

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