This past week in the Playroom!

March is National Nutrition Month! At the Playroom we are serving healthier foods , and encouraging families to eat healthier! This month we will read books about the different food groups like fruits and vegetables in a book called Growing Colors and another book called Bread, Bread, Bread.
We would like to encourage you and your family to begin adding new, healthier ideas to your tables at home! Here’s a fun & educational craft you could do at home. Simple & inexpensive, too!

Look through your flyers together and pick out foods that are healthy!

Start cutting those healthy foods out.


Use a glue stick, and a paper plate and get gluing your healthy foods on.

And when you are all finished you have a great reminder of healthy choices! Some exceptions to these specific plates may apply 😉





While the moms were out enjoying their coffee time and discussing ways to incorporate healthy foods into their homes, the kids enjoyed some free play, as well as some time at the table with the playdough! Hope to see you there this week!!

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