Mobile playground Summary!

So if you were wondering what your child(ren) were up to during mobile playground week here is a quick summary of all the fun stuff that we did!

The week started off with the African culture, we explained to the children what day it was and that we would be doing a craft and game that has to do with the African culture. Snack was supposed to be following the same guidelines but with the resources at hand the snack was not an African themed snack. The craft for African day was the good luck hand (khamsa) craft as well as a place mat, and the game was a snake game played by the children in Africa.

Tuesday was Asian culture day; the craft was a big hit. We made dragons out of a template that we had printed out and crepe streamers. The snack was spring rolls which half of them didn’t want to try let alone eat the whole thing, but they were super tasty!

Wednesday was Saskatchewan Culture day; the morning was spent at the rusty relic’s museum learning about farm animals and making ice cream. The afternoon was spent at the Carlyle elementary school where we made totem poles for the craft, hoop dancing, and had berries with ice cream for snack.

Thursday was Mexican day we had Nachos for snack and made piñata’s for the craft as well as a day of the dead skeleton that we cut out and glued together.

Friday was Pop Culture day which we had planned on designing our own t-shirts using fabric paint to create a new shirt. The day was hosted at the Carlyle pool which was perfect in the morning because it was hot and the kids got popsicles with carrots and dip for snack. The afternoon was abruptly stopped because it had started to thunder and we spotted a funnel cloud coming down and to be on the safe side we did call the parents to please come and pick up their child from mobile playground 


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