Mini Masters Art Series 2010

Mini Masters Art Series

Children ages 3-7 and their families are welcome.  Drop-in sessions are free with no pre registration required. 10 am – 11 am at the Carlyle Public Library.

June 5th – Nature Art

Let’s explore the world.  Flowers and leaves can make interesting works of art – especially when you mix them with ink and paint!

June 12th – Bubblemania

Bubbles, bubbles everywhere!  Join us for an hour of bubble making and bubble crafts.

June 19th – Life Sized Canvas

Turn yourself into a work of art!  Use paint, glue, glitter, stamps or anything else you like to color your life sized canvas.

June 26th –   The Super-Secret-Awesome-Fantastically-Amazing Art Project day

You’ll have to come and find out just how awesomely-fantastic this project will be!!!

***All programs are subject to change or cancellation without notice.  At least one parent/guardian must remain present during session.  For more information please call Jenn Sedor 453-2666 or visit

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