Cornerstone Crafts: Lolly Stick Snowman


This cheerful snowman makes a cute bookmark.  Children could make these as gifts.

You will need:

  • a popsicle stick
  • white paint
  • black pen
  • scraps of black and orange paper
  • piece of thin ribbon, string, or felt
  • glue

Paint the stick white and leave it to dry.

Use the black pen to draw on eyes, mouth, and buttons. 

Cut out a hat out of black paper and a carrot nose from orange paper.  Glue them on. 

Finally, tie a piece of ribbon around the stick as a scarf and secure it in place with a small amount of glue.  You may want to write the year on the back of the stick and encourage the child to sign his or her name.

Thanks for the craft activity village.

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