Mini Masters Art Series: Rhythm Rumbles

June 6, Rhythmic Rumbles

Wriggly Ribbons, Leap Frog, Freeze Dance, Music and Movement

(here are some poems that we will be using in our games)

On Our Way

What kind of walk shall we take today?

Leap like a frog? Creep like a snail?

Scampoer like a squirrel with a furry tail?

Flutter like a butterfly? Chicken peck?

Stretch like a turtle with a poking-out neck?

Scuttle like a crab? Kangaroo jump?

Plod like a camel with an up-and -down hump?

We could try a brand-new way–

walking down the street

On our own two feet.

Eve Merriam





when I skip or hop

or when I’m




I like to stop

and listen to me


Lilian Moore



Washing in the washing machine, going round and round.

Washing in the washing machine moving up and down.

Round and round and up and down, it makes a noisy sound.

Faster, faster, faster, round and round and round.



Join Us Next for:

 June 13th – Bubblemania

Bubbles, bubbles everywhere!  Join us for bubble making and bubble crafts.

 June 20th – Marvelous Music

Join in the Boogie Fest fun by learning how to make and play your own instruments!

 ***All programs are subject to change or cancellation without notice.  At least one parent/guardian must remain present during session.  For more information please call Jennifer Sedor 453-2666

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