Introducing Jennifer Sedor, Program Coordinator


Cornerstone Family and Youth has a new program co-ordinator, Jenn Sedor. Sedor, who has been a resident of Carlyle for three years, has a strong arts background on which to draw for her position. The painting, seen here behind her, is one of her own works.

Todd Gervais 27.MAR.09
Taking up her position just a short time ago, Jenn Sedor, the new program co-ordinator for the Cornerstone Family and Youth Program, feels prepared for the job. A new mother (her daughter Lily being just 18 months old,) Sedor is empathetic to parents, and is planning numerous events to entertain and engage both parents and young children.

“The kids should have fun too!” Sedor joked, “That’s the goal of the programs, to help both the parents and the kids.”

Sedor came to the position after a career path that led her through such notable bodies as the Saskatchewan Arts Council, and the Mackenzie Gallery. Relocating from Regina to Carlyle three years ago, to allow for her husband to pursue a sales position in town, Sedor was just getting comfortable when their first child came along. It was this event that showed Sedor the difficulties that are experienced in child-rearing. “I had been working since I was 17-years-old.” Sedor explained, “I wasn’t really prepared for what motherhood meant. All of the sudden, all of my time, all of my thoughts, were focused on caring for Lily. It was hard in some ways, after all those years of working to suddenly find myself stuck in the house.”

But Sedor persevered, and looks forward to her new job. Asked if she felt her parental experiences would help her in the position, her answer was in the affirmative. “Being around my daughter all day has taught me a lot about keeping children involved and entertained.” Sedor said, “And as a parent, I can understand the needs of the parents as well.”

The first event Sedor organized occurs during the March 27 No School Day, which will be run in partnership with Carlyle Elementary School. Further program plans that Sedor is developing include a “baby sign language” program for parents, a physical literacy program, and a Saturday drop-in program at the library in Carlyle. As well, with the road bans in place, Sedor hopes to develop a “Daddy and me” program in the near future, to allow some quality time for fathers and their children.

“I’m expecting in August; our second child.” Sedor said, “So I’m bound and determined to get as much going as I can between now and then!”

Sedor is now keeping an online blog for the Cornerstone Family and Youth program at and if you are interested in following her family life in regards to Lily, she also keeps a personal blog at

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